Fancy homemade chocolate from scraps

In holland we celebrate Sinterklaas, which is a holiday for kids. During this holiday it is normal to give each other letters out of chocolate. Nice, right? The only thing is, I never eat it all. Somehow it stays on my desk for way too long haha. This weekend I made new fancy chocolate with toppings out of the chocolate letter I had laying around. This is really nice to make as a present for someone (valentine!!), or just to eat yourself of course.

This is the chocolate I used for this recipe. The old chocolate letter and some other little chocolates I had. I also bought a new chocolate bar at the supermarket, just so I could play around and experiment with flavours and different bars. But really, the amount you see on the picture is enough to make a new fancy bar. I made way too much (oops). Good thing was, I made a lot of friends and family happy with chocolate.

Preparationtime: 10 min
Cooling time chocolate: 1 uur
Shelf life: 1 week in fridge

What do you need?

  • Pieces of chocolate you have laying around OR one chocolate bar from the supermarket
  • nuts or other decorations


  1. Heat a pan on very low heat and melt the chocolate. (seriously put it low, otherwise you burn the chocolate)
  2. Put down baking paper and add the melted chocolate on it.
  3. Decorate!
  4. Put the chocolate with baking paper in the fridge and let it cool for 1 hour.

To decorate the chocolate I used a mix of nuts including hazelnut, walnut and almonds. This was delicious! I also used white chocolate as you can see in the first picture in this post. That makes it look extra fancy. It is no problem to use different kinds of chocolate on top of each other, if creates a nice effect and still tastes jummy. To decorate the chocolate you can also use bits of marshmallow, dried fruit, cookies or cake toppings (sugar ones). Actually, you can use everything you like with chocolate on it.

Valentines tip!
Do you want to make this recipe for valentine? Use nice sugarharts to decorate the chocolate or put the chocolate in a heart shaped cookie cutter or baking mold (or both)! If you don’t make a heart shaped chocolate bar you can also break it into pieces and put some nice transparent wrapping paper around it.

Have fun!

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