About me

My name is Suzanne (25 years old) and I love cooking and baking!
When I was young I loved everything that had to do with food. Different kinds of cooking shows on tv or going out for dinner. My parents used to cook with a lot of pre made packages and wanted to improve and eat more fresh, healthy and home made food.

When I was 19, I moved to Amsterdam to live on my own. I learned a lot of new recipes and experimented a lot. I also learned to eat things I did not like before, such as pasta. Now I absolutely love it, it is just in the sauce.

After I graduated, I moved back to live with my parents again because of circumstances. I missed cooking in my student apartment and that is when I started to develop my blog Suus Kookt (translated this means suus cooks). You can see my blog as the digital version of my cookbook. I use it to share recipes with friends, family and everyone that likes to read my blog. The recipes I post are sometimes healthy and sometimes not, but they always taste nice!  I think food needs to be a little party, with a lot of color and fresh ingredients.

On my blog you can find cooking and baking recipes and sometimes I also share freebies to print, because besides being a foodblogger I also work as a digital designer.

Do you want to know how you make a specific recipe of are you going to try one of my recipes? I love to hear about what you think. If you have something I should try you are also very very welcome to contact me!
Send me a message on the contact page.

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