Veggie mess soup

Do you have a lot of veggie left overs? Than this recipe is for you! You can throw whatever veggie you have left over and most of the time it tastes really nice. This is my moms recipe for a simple soup. We took our leftovers from the freezer. Depending on what you put in the soup, the colour can be different than you see on my pictures. My soup turned out brown/red, because of the bell pepper and carrot.

The vegetables we used for the soup were: carrot, leek, red and green bell pepper, spring onion, half of a macaroni package and sweet onion. All from our freezer. You can still see the ice on the picture (oops), but the pan does always look really colorfull!

What do you need?

  • 1 liter vegetable stock
  • vegetable left overs
  • parsley (optional)
  • cream (optional)


  1. Collect all the left over veggies you have
  2. Put the vegetable stock and the vegetables in a big pan
  3. Cook everything until the vegetables are cooked
  4. Use a blender and mix everything until you have a thick soup
  5. Fill bowls with the soup and use the cream and parsley for decoration, or just eat it as it is!

If your soup is too thick, add some water. Is the taste of the soup a bit flat? Add some salt and pepper (We never have to add something, it always tastes nice!)

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