Healthy lunch ideas with rusk

We are all trying to be more healthy now the new year has begon. Watching what we eat and saying no to the not-so-healthy food, because let’s be honest. We all ate to much during christmas and new year, even though you wanted to be nice to your body. But well, that’s how things go.  Now to help you I have 3 healthy lunch ideas for you!

I used whole grain rusk (it is a very dutch I figured) and added nice toppings. My favourite was the tomato-mozzarella one.

What you need:

For combination 1:

  • whole grain rusk
  • cottage cheese
  • radish

For combination 2:

  • whole grain rusk
  • cottage cheese
  • red pre-cooked beet

For combination 3:

  • whole grain rusk
  • mozzarella
  • tomato


Cut the radish, tomato and red beet into thin slices and the mozzarella into thicker slices. For the cottage cheese just use a spoon or knife to put it on the rusk. Then, build your lunch! Enjoy 🙂

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